We are our clients’ full service, outsourced marketing department. We don’t do projects. We don’t believe marketing is a project.

However, we realize CEOs don’t want to start with a blank slate. So we assess what you have, build what is needed and prioritize and phase our efforts to deliver results.

Practical and pragmatic – that summarizes our services.

Ready. Aim. Fire.

Most companies confuse activity with progress when it comes to marketing. They focus on marketing tactics and skip the tough work of strategy. This is like decorating the second floor before you have poured a foundation.

We engage by assessing your company’s foundation: the 13 elements that we believe are essential to effectively and efficiently going to market. We developed this approach as our own intellectual property. The process continues to deliver huge value to our clients in going through this strategic exercise to assess what needs to be strengthened and build on the solid elements that are in place. In about four weeks, we have documented a valuable strategic document for messaging, positioning and going to market.

Maureen Sakakeeny, Principal SAK Environmental LLC
Unique to For Marketing Matters and what proved to be a truly invaluable tool is the ‘Building a Strong Foundation’ process. Through this process we were able to hone in on our core value proposition, define our target audience and develop our brand. It was exciting as business owners to clearly define who we were as a company!

From the foundation, we build a marketing plan. This is a real marketing plan – not a document that gets filed never to be referred to again. This is an actionable, practical marketing plan phased to get you where you want to go. Whether your priorities are increasing awareness, generating leads, bringing a new product to market or entering a new market, the marketing plan will define and phase how and when we are going to achieve your goals.

Sue Muckle, President M&A Architectural Preservation Inc.
For the first time, I have a prioritized, phased marketing plan for our business. In the short time period I have been working with For Marketing Matters, I have more clarity about our target audience and offerings and our market segments have been prioritized. It is wonderful to work with marketing professionals who focus on the importance of word choice and our industry’s language. The foundation is built, the marketing plan is now in place and I can focus on my role as CEO.

We work with our clients on a retainer or a ‘do not exceed’ investment level fine-tuning and executing the marketing plan. The frequency of our in-person meetings with our clients is usually weekly, but is determined by what makes sense. While the marketing plan is organized by quarters, our focus is managing and executing the plan with a monthly focus. The plan is a living document in that we as your marketing department are working against the plan daily.

Gemma W. Martin, Principal The Chick Montana Group
Prior to engaging For Marketing Matters, we had selected a company name and that was it. With the strong foundation built, For Marketing Matters then designed our logo, incorporating the new tagline to more clearly present what we offer. With that in place, they designed and delivered our complete stationary package, website, captured client testimonials, delivered our sales brochure and designed and printed our company announcement. I would highly recommend For Marketing Matters and in fact, I already have!

Results – the renowned Impact Reports.

Every month, our clients receive their Impact Report – their return on marketing investment. As a virtual marketing department, we don’t want you wondering what is getting done for your business. You will know exactly what is getting done when your marketing partner is For Marketing Matters. We will meet with you in person to review the month’s results and confirm the priority for the upcoming month’s marketing plan. Next month – rinse and repeat.

Gary Jaffarian, President and CEO Jaffarian Volvo Toyota
Engaging For Marketing Matters, a professional marketing company, has differentiated us from other dealers and made an immediate impact on driving sales. I review the Impact Report monthly with Mary Honan to know exactly what is being accomplished for our business every month.

Why ‘For Marketing Matters’

Strategic and Pragmatic
Highly Effective & Efficient

As you evaluate how you are going to fuel the growth you need for your company, you really have two options:

  1. Hire.
    For most companies, this is not a wise option. Read more on this option.
  2. Rent.
    Who do you rent? One skill set is not going to bring you the breadth of skills you need including some strategy, planning, graphics skills, website development and design, lead generation and writing skills. Most agencies are niche players and many are expensive as you pay for their swanky offices and may end up with the junior marketers depending on your monthly investment. We offer the best alternative for savvy CEOs committed to securing a team that can scale and grow with them while delivering results.

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