Our clients are growth-focused CEOs of small and mid-sized companies, ranging in size and industry. They all have one thing in common: a leader who is committed to growth and passionate about the business. The CEOs we work with surround themselves with talent to achieve the success they desire and to make a noticeable impact in their industry. When it comes to marketing, they are not dabblers or do it-yourselfers. They value the expertise we bring to the table, working with them and their management team at both a strategic and tactical level to deliver real, measurable results.

Working with both B to B and B to C clients, we immerse ourselves in the vision, the industry and market;  analyzing the client base and  the competition to develop or refine the marketing strategy. We are so passionate and committed to our clients’ success that we will not work with their competitors.

Our B to B clients are typically technical with complex, solution sales models. A particular strength of ours is working with companies with sales forces. We are highly effective in setting up sales teams for success by systematically building a flexible, customizable sales tool kit aligned to their sales process. Additionally, we help onboard new sales employees to shorten learning curves and ensure they are on message.

With B to C clients, we have a proven track record in awareness and lead generation including in sectors where distinct differentiation is not obvious. We have helped clients create a niche and are proud of the industry awards these clients have received as a result of our marketing efforts.

Below is a partial list of FMM clients spanning many industries. We take great pride in our work and get great satisfaction in playing an instrumental role in helping our clients make an impact in their market.

For Marketing Matters developed and implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy for our consulting firm that included branding, identification of strategic markets, and building our website. They did the research to fully understand our business which made us very comfortable for a successful outcome. Since then our awareness and revenues have grown substantially.

Stephen A. Sakakeeny

Principal, SAK Environmental LLC

For Marketing Matters Building a Strong Foundation process was truly eye opening. It helped me to identify areas I really needed to work on, focus and explore to re-define who I am. With Mary’s expertise and guidance, I was able to define my ideal client, develop product offerings, establish my brand and create a logo that uniquely identifies Sarah Lalone Interior Design. This is exactly what I needed to have in place and For Marketing Matters is exactly what I needed to help me get there.

Sarah Lalone

Principal, Sarah Lalone Interior Design

Before meeting Mary, I was victim to being a small business owner attempting to work both “in” and “on” my business simultaneously, feeling overwhelmed and never really achieving my short and long term goals. After a month of working with Mary, I was able to re-position and re-brand my business and gain clear discipline. Thanks to For Marketing Matters, I have seen the benefit of building a strong foundation!

Kellee Twadelle

Proprietor, Rose & Dove, LLC

Thru networking I interviewed many agencies and PR firms. I was fortunate to be introduced to a small company that focused on effectively incorporating marketing into one’s business to grow. I retained For Marketing Matters and in partnering with them, I have the team to both develop and execute the marketing plan that I have always wanted. I do not need to add full-time employees as the team members and the expertise are brought in when and as needed to execute the plan all under Mary Honan’s direction.

Gary Jaffarian

President and CEO, Jaffarian Volvo Toyota

As part of the marketing plan, For Marketing Matters strengthened our brand by adding a tagline to reinforce our unique value proposition and performed a complete redesign of our website. Since completing their foundation work and launching the new website, we have enjoyed a 60% increase in sales! Investing in For Marketing Matters exceeded our expectations and proved to be an important and worthwhile step in our business success.

Maureen Sakakeeny

Principal, SAK Environmental LLC

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