How can you measure marketing ROI?

We are fact based marketers. For each part of the marketing plan there is a metric defined to report and evaluate results. Accountability for results and detailed reporting is one of our differentiators from other marketing companies. I am often asked how we track...

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The 4th of July and Danny Thomas

As we get ready for celebrating our great country tomorrow, the reality is we, Americans, are at a very odd place: the negativity, the constant banter, the divisiveness, the lack of leadership, the lack of grownups and unfortunately I could go on and on. But then...

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The Name Game

What does a business name tell you? I met a dear friend recently for lunch in Westford MA, equidistant between our offices. Neither of us had been to the restaurant selected by my Virtual Admin. I had never heard of the restaurant and the name meant nothing to me....

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