Offerings is one of 13 foundational elements that need to be solid to effectively go to market. Many SMBs do not fully develop what they offer their ideal target audience in exchange for money. Businesses leave money on the table.

We are currently working with a client to define exactly what their services are. Currently their website presents only a portion of their capabilities. The risk? Sales sets up a meeting and what they hear from sales is not what they see on the website – yikes! To solve this common issue, the For Marketing Matters team is developing the full menu of services (including service categories), defining deliverables and bringing this client to market with a clear menu of 4 service categories and services organized within these 4 categories. Prospects will soon see a clear, consistent, concise list of services presented in a compelling way. Does this sound basic? If so, you are right, but don’t skip the basics and dabble. Get your foundation solid. To learn more listen to Mary Honan’s interview with Dr. Doug on iHeart Radio to help you get your offerings fully developed and solid.