The Team

The For Marketing Matters team is a team of professional marketers representing deep areas of expertise as well as utility players that have breadth in a variety of marketing areas. Each client team is built to execute the plan effectively and efficiently. Instead of cobbling together a group of independent marketers, the FMM team represents a tightly integrated team, working together in an orchestrated effort to ensure measurable impact and ROI.

Mary Honan, Principal

Mary is a passionate, fact-based marketer committed to helping CEOs achieve their growth goals for their businesses. As founder of For Marketing Matters LLC, Mary developed the perfect outsourced marketing model for CEOs seeking an ongoing partner. As a marketing evangelist, Mary preaches the marketing gospel, addressing the common misunderstandings of marketing and its function. At her core, Mary is strategic and analytical, planning and executing with her team to maximize ROI.

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Strategy & PR
  • Leads foundation building and develops strategic, phased marketing plans.
  • Develops and executes PR programs including media/analyst relations, speaking engagements, launches, and announcements.
  • 30+ years working with multi-national and emerging companies.


Creative Director
  • Oversees creative vision for strong brand identity.
  • Develops unique and impactful designs for all logos, corporate identity and other business/sales collateral.
  • Designs all websites and other digital marketing, including presentations.
  • 25+ years as a creative professional.


Social Media Presence
  • Develops social media strategy and manages all aspects of execution as coordinated, integrated element of the marketing plan.
  • Actively manages online reputation across social platforms.
  • 20+ years marketing experience and leadership.


Internet Presence
  • Creates and manages online advertising campaigns.
  • Expertise in Search Engine Optimization.
  • Website development and modifications.
  • 30+ years of technical experience in the high tech industry.


Graphic Design
  • Manages all graphic design elements to build a strong brand identity.
  • Extends brand identity through graphic design treatments across all mediums.
  • 20+ years graphic design experience.

Mary 2

Project Management & Research
  • Manages clients’ websites including writing new content and managing select clients with complex online functionality.
  • Conducts market and competitive research.
  • Project manages strategic client initiatives.


Email Marketing
  • Designs, develops and executes client email marketing campaigns.
  • Builds and maintains clients’ Dream lists for targeting and segmenting audiences.
  • 20+ years in marketing.


  • Builds brand and expands awareness via blogging for clients.
  • Researches, writes and posts blogs weekly; responds to all comments.
  • 30+ years writing experience including newspaper and PR content.


  • Facilitates effective and efficient operations.

In addition to the above team, For Marketing Matters has additional talent available when and as needed. The bench strength includes technical writers, proof readers, printers and production teams, photographers (specialist in both people and product photography), video production and partners including Skyline Northeast for event-related planning and execution including booth production and logistics.

Greg Mickelson, CEO Mickelson Company, LLC
For Marketing Matters develops a true partnership between senior management, marketing and sales in the interest of driving growth. They work with a client to help them define themselves in terms that are unique and meaningful to the target audience in a way that is very effective and enlightening. Unlike others, they seek clear accountability for the marketing budget and results. I have not seen other marketing strategists and consulting firms seek the level of accountability for driving client growth and results that I have seen with For Marketing Matters. The commitment to accountability measured in financial terms is extremely rare and the pragmatic approach to building results is impressive.

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